Transcatheter Therapies in Challenging Aortic Ailments: TAVR in Extreme Horizontal Aortic Root With CoA Stenting

Marchese_American College of Cardiology
Case report: Technical corner su JACC Journals.
Data di pubblicazione: 3 giugno 2021
Autori: Alfredo Marchese, Antonio Tito, Fabrizio Resta, Giuseppe Tarantini

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TAVR for severe aortic stenosis in older adults may be challenging because of additional aortic comorbidities such as aortic coarctation. Alfredo Marchese, MD, PhD, et al. report successful snared-assisted transfemoral TAVR in a patient with an extremely horizontal ventriculoaortic axis that was worsened by a previous endovascular repair of complex aortic coarctation. Learn more in JACC: Case Reports.⁠

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